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27 Sep

I love the fall season. The leaves, the colors, the fashions.  If it could be Autumn, all season and that would be just great for me. If I wanted some warmer weather, I would take a trip to a warmer climate just to get a little fun and sun in the sand.  I love being able to wear my favorite sweater, or leather jacket to accessorize with a hat, boots, and/or scarf.  I also love the feel of the nice, crisp air and the fall wind.  Autumn always leaves me feeling so energized and optimistic.  Even if I am just going shopping or just sitting on my patio, the feeling I get is amazing.  Looking at all the beautifully manicured lawns, sunflowers, marigolds, violas, and much more. Seeing children playing in the distance and dogs barking as they play with one another. There is so much I love about autumn.  There seems to be an air of tranquility, a calmness that takes over me.  Fall is hot chocolate on brisk cool day, fall is warm hot tea, fall is the sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet. Fall is everything to me.  Fall is an oatmeal cookie, blueberry muffins, and sweet potato pie.  Fall is pumpkins and maple syrup; fall is a breeze that I so enjoy.   When I was growing up, I loved to see the fall come in, it was fun wading through all the bright color leaves that would fall upon my feet as I walked home from school.  It appears the world looks prettier with all the different fall colors of the countryside if you drive through the different towns. Take for example Central Park in NYC or your local parks and take notice of all the trees and the wonderful colors and hues. You can see the many diversities in colors. Wow, if only the world understood that diversity makes life beautiful.  Fall is here until December 21, and I will take full advantage of it’s stay, and enjoying it day by day.  I fell in love in the fall and enjoy this season with my mate. Having a glass of wine and eating brie and crackers sitting by the bay. We reminiscence on our love and take strolls in the park, taking pictures by a lake. These are the things that make fall feel so alive.  Instead of singing spring is in the air, I singing fall is in the air. I don’t know your season but mine is the Autumn, and I am feeling kind of groovy.  What’s your favorite season Tell me about it at lifestylebyyou.com.  Put your response in my comment box. 

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