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16 Sep

What is wrong with people in the world? I am so angry because people are just not following the protocol for this pandemic.   "People it is serious, you can catch COVID19 ."  Epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci, and others are honest and candid about his dangerous virus". Daily I see young folks, black, white, and Hispanic, walking around in public with no mask, I don't know if they can see my eyes as they walk in my direction without a mask.  I want to say something, but instead I just move out of their way.  American's are so spoiled, and this is cool, but guess "what", we are in the middle of pandemic.  Some American's also think that nothing will happen to them if they don't wear a mask.  "Research on this corona virus is ongoing."  They don't know the full extent of this virus, disease, bacteria? Whatever it is, but we know it is deadly.   I was in the store before and a mom and her three children did not have a mask on.  I was on the line but got off the line because I did not want to be exposed to the nearness of a possible virus.   


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