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06 Nov

I have not been really concerned about makeup or looking my best if I am just running out to the supermarket.  Since the quarantine, I have not thought about my hair or makeup.  I started to think, dag at least, you can keep your face looking radiant and glowing.   I have many beauty products in my closet but I never use any of them.  I decided I would start using the face cleanser I saw my mom use many years ago, and my later mother-in-law used it faithfully.  I started using it on a regular and it keeps my skin looking smooth and silky,  yes, I have other beauty products, but I seem to reach for this one all the time.  Oh by the way it's????  email @jwillow430@gmail.com,  it works well.  I used to on my face, hands and neck.  It keeps my face hydrated, hands are smooth and neck needs.  I love to feel soft skin, and my skin tends to be a little dry. Can't believe it has been sitting on my dresser for months.  It's an old school moisturizer, which is still around...  I would need permission to reveal their product on my website...  

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