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15 Oct

I believe in eating healthy, but sometimes I like to eat some comfort food that makes my mouth water at each bite. Since COVI9, I am sure some people have been eating different type meals and may not be paying attention to their health and eating the food they love. This is cool,  but be mindful and try eating in moderation. You can't eat greasy foods on a steady basis because it takes a toll on your health. Eating foods floating in grease or too many carbohydrates will not only make you gain an enormous amount of weight and, it will also clog your arteries.  With that being said, you can have food that is yummy to your palate, like French fries, hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, cake, pie, ice cream but do it in moderation.  Treat yourself to the foods you love, but be mindful, you cannot have a steady diet of these foods because they are harmful when regularly consumed.  Also, I am not on any specific diet because I believe you can eat anything you want but you must be mindful that you can pack on weight as well as have health concerns if you over consume foods high in fat and calories for your entire diet.  Ensure that you incorporate green vegetables in your diet, which is loaded with fiber, and as much fruit as possible.  MODERATION IS THE KEY.    

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