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02 Oct

https://youtu.be/eM4KpQbKcoE    P. S. I don't own the right to this music or contents .  I must admit, I am not a stickler for exercising, but I have been exercising a little more since the pandemic, because I know I need a little. Since the pandemic has struck, I had to take stock in keeping my body healthy.  I started a walking routine, which entails, walking in the morning for 30 minutes after breakfast and then 30 minutes after dinner.  Walking is a great form of exercise according to the researchers of health and fitness.   Walking can help you lose weight, can help manage with different health problems, such as heart, high blood pressure and diabetes.   I feel so good after a nice brisk walk, it loosens up any stiffness and makes me feel energized.   I know some of you may have conditions that will not allow you to take long walks or even a small walk.  Try to walk around your house for a few minutes to give the heart a little charge.  You will be surprised, and you are getting a little exercise.  Give yourself a chance, and try a little walk.  




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