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09 Oct

Most often people get in the shower and use soap with moisturizer to wash the body and face.  That is all they do and don't use a face wash to really give the face and neck any attention.  I have learned that the skin thing is very important. I start each morning by using a gentle cleanser and it removes any residue of makeup.  Since the pandemic, I have not used any foundation on my face because I have been working remotely, and I usually wash my face and moisturizer with vitamin E, coconut oil, or olive oil.  It depends on which one I want to use, but these are three moisturizer I use on my face and body every day.   It is important to take care of my skin, which includes gentle cleansing which keeps skin looking great and glowing.  I found that good skin includes, healthy eating inside which can keep the outside skin looking radiant and slow down the aging process.  

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