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01 Nov

I love rainy days or nights. It allows me to sit down and relax my mind and get into a relaxed mood. When these nights occur, I love candlelight. It just seems to set the mood for any room and add tranquility to any situation. When I am feeling down or I've had a busy week, at the end of that week, I love to fill the house full of candlelight. I love the ambiance candles give off and the smell of fragrant candles. When I was in my early twenties and in college, I had a cozy dorm room. I would go to the local five and dime, (as we called it back in the 70's) and buy candles. If there were no dorm parties scheduled for Friday night or it was raining, I would light up a candle, and listen to music by candlelight. Candles have changed over the years with so many more varieties to choose from and different colors and fragrances to go with your home décor. Candles add a sense of calm, romance, and intrigue. It gives me a sense of feeling of being no relaxed. Candles have a way of making the mind feel mellow. When I am doing house chores, especially on rainy days, I light candles in the room I am cleaning, and it just makes me give a special touch to my house cleaning because of tranquil feel they give me. 

Candles can make you sit back and reflect on your life and help you build your future. I know it may sound strange but try lighting a candle and relaxing you will be surprised at where your mind wander. Whether you like plain candles or scented candles it does not matter, candles are said to have scientific health benefits such as helping with mood, stress and just your mental flow. So, if you get a chance to light a candle, do it for yourself, just because.

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