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22 Nov

I know that I have thought about music that I haven't heard in a long time. I love so many genres of music and some just come popping into my head. Since the corona virus has been here, I have ample time to delve into the corners of my mind. Music has a way of making me think of happier times in my life, and sometimes the saddest moments. No matter what it may be, I can feel good when I hear music, or reminisce of other times in my life that allows me remember events in my life.

Let music take your mind away. Here are a few suggestions of Top Billboard hits; - Faith Hill, "Breathe"1999, “Cradle of Love" Billy Idol-2001, "Sailing" Christopher Cross 1979 "The Tears of a Clown"- Smokey Robinson-1971. 

These are just a few that came out of the archives of my mind. You are entitled to select whatever genre of music you care for. Music is about the spice and variety of life. Whatever your pleasure is, it's about what you care to enjoy. Maybe, just maybe you can pull some out of your mind. Music is in every fabric of society, and you can listen to whatever you desire because it is your choice. Sometime music makes you float on air, travel to far places, pretend you are singer, and the audience is there for you listening to every lyric. Music is the spice of life and i wish humans felt the same way about race.

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