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09 Sep

I want to give my deepest sympathies, condolences, and heartfelt wishes to all the people who have lost loved during this pandemic. We are all in a frenzy over this pandemic. People have lost lives, homes, jobs, and much more during these severe and uncertain times. We have been so afraid of the unknown, so tired of being in the dark about this mysterious epidemic. We are human beings who are used to going about life and doing the normal things, such as seeing family, getting married, going to restaurants, concerts, traveling, and just doing all these normal things of life.

It is hard, I know. We all know but we must be strong and keep moving on. We have never seen anything of this magnitude, and it is disheartening because we are in state of disaster in the world. I know we are all asking, " when will this end"? In 1918 there was a pandemic, where millions of people lost their lives to an unknown to a virus called the Spanish flu. Millions of people lost their lives to this pandemic. It was said that people who were working around sick pigs with the virus, and the virus was transmitted from pigs and then to humans. The virus spread so fast, they tried to contain the virus but to no avail the virus spread. People, doctors, nurses alongside their patients coughed up blood, had delirium and other symptoms. So many people died of this deadly plague. The government could not help at the time, because there were no government workers left or even functioning government because of this plague. This pandemic was so bad. Millions of people died and there was no vaccine whatsoever. Global pandemic is what we are in now, but we have vaccines for this virus. All they had were mask, we have all the equipment and people are still reluctant to take the vaccines. I won’t argue the point, but I hope that people will see that the vaccines will help feel free and normal again.

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