America the beautiful

Let me preface this blog by saying that the following is my opinion. I am so very saddened by the events that took place on Electoral Day. The day that Congress certifies the President Elect and Vice President Elect as the official next President and Vice President of the United States.  As I sat and stared at the television, looking at the horrendous siege of the Capitol, I began to cry in outrage at what I was seeing. That a sitting President of The United States not only allowed such a thing to take place but incited it as well. OMG!!! What is this madness?  Why is this being allowed to take place.  We in the United States have never seen anything like this before in our time. This sitting President has tried to undermine this democracy by saying we had a fraudulent election. Which was unfounded by every court that was presented by his lawyers in his lawsuits. It is not surprising that we have a divide in the country, but I love this country for its resilience, loyalty, and steadfast ways.  My heart is so heavy. I am aware that everyone has different opinions, ideas, and beliefs, but this is not how you express those personal beliefs. Threatening the lives of our Congress members because they disagree with the results of the Presidential election was an attempt at futility. The election was already certified. Electoral day at Congress was just a formality. The outcome would not have changed. I am not versed in political matters; however, I do know that as a citizen of this land, I have the right to have my voice heard by participating in the voting process to elect officials that I deem will do the job to help the people of this country, and to protect people’s civil liberties. What has this President done to us all?  What we saw was madness. These insurrectionists scaled the walls of the Capitol, broke windows, destroyed and stole property, and created chaos.  How could something like this happen in this country?  Do see now, what is going on? America, please wake up to being more humanistic.  We have got to respect each other's differences, but please let us not harm one another anymore.  Please stop the racism and disparity and treat people as people.  We are humans first. We cannot all be the same. God made us in his image, but he made us diverse. Living together as humans, not by race, color, or creed.  What I have seen in these past four years, more than anything is a great disparity in humanity and the treatment of people of color being extinguished because of their race and/or creed.  Will this sitting President be held accountabile for the violence he initiated? Will everyone associated with the debacle at the Capitol also be held accountable? Will the leadership of the Capitol police for its unpreparedness also be held accountable? The incoming administration already has a lot on their plate. I pray for them.  I want to thank my employer, the Metropolitan Police Department for their diligence in handling the mayhem and keeping their professionalism intact.  I would also like to thank Mayor Bowser, the DC Mayor, and the new incoming Police Chief Contee for their expertise, resilience, professionalism in keeping the citizens safe.  I pray for a new beginning.

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