Happiness Is Your Choice

Happiness has no definitive definition. In my eyes, it is your own personal situation. You can feel enriched by what you think makes you happy, and how your happiness shapes your life. My happiness comes from my own perception of what I deem to be uplifting and satisfying. For instance, I love cooking. There are specific recipes that I pour myself into, taking my time and putting all the ingredients together to finish that most excellent dish. That is my happiness at that moment. My happiness comes with so many variables it depends upon the situation. My happiness comes from within me and my strength of enriching myself with as much goodness that I can muster. I feel that everyone must make their own happiness. Everything that makes me happy is not the shared opinion of others but of my own personal persona. I feel the most important thing about being happy is up to who you are and your situation. If you feel a bit of unhappiness, you must find a way to modify your thinking and incorporate some real change for real happiness. Stop thinking that your problems are embedded, and you can’t change the behavior or negativity that you have lived with for so long. You can begin to figure out who you are if you ask yourself some questions about yourself and then find the answer in your soul. If you want happiness take baby steps in making changes toward making yourself happy. Happiness in my opinion, is not materialistic but spiritualistic. It is a state of mind. I feel that happiness starts in the mind and leads to the heart. Of course, there will be days of sorrow but for the most part if you are happy, you will feel fulfilled. You can make things happen for the betterment of your life. Don’t base your happiness on someone else’s happiness. They are living their lives and you must live yours. Just sit down and search within yourself. Let go of your misery and find the peace and happiness that lies within you.

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