There’s nothing like relaxing on a stormy night or cool brisk evening with a great tasting cigar.

No, I am not a guy but at times I like to do guy things and one is having a great cigar, paired with a great tasting whisky brand.  But check this out. Times have changed, and more women have become cigar aficionados of the leaf. There’s nothing like relaxing on a stormy night or cool brisk evening with a great tasting cigar.  I have been around men for a long time who have enjoyed cigars, and I liked the aroma of them never thinking at all, I would wind up dabbing in cigars.  I began with an infused cigar which is a cigar that is infused with flavors such as fruits or even chocolate. I wasn’t sure if I could handle a straight cigar because I felt it may have been too strong.  Although I like infused cigars, I began to explore the real taste of cigars.  I discovered for myself a mild tasting cigar called Romeo Y Julieta 1875 or CAO Gold, I love the taste of these cigars.  These cigars brands have a smooth mild taste.  Since I was beginner of smoking cigars back in the late 1990’s I was introduced to this brand of cigars and have been hooked ever since.  While I have smoked other smooth cigars, such as Oliva, or Macanudo Café, my go to is Romeo Y Julieta and CAO, these cigars agree with my palate and give me a sense of relaxation when I have them.  I would consider myself a light cigar smoker because I do it when the mood hits me.  Now when the mood strikes me, I need to pair my cigar with a nice tasting whiskey brand. It just makes the cigar taste even better.  I like paring my cigar with a good tasting scotch or bourbon.  I love a single malt, Johnnie Walker Blue because of its smooth smokey taste, I love to drink it neat (no ice), so I can taste the flavor along with the combination of my cigar.  Sometimes you can add a few drops of water so it can really open the flavor, as the water and scotch combine. It depends upon what a person may desire for their palate. I don’t believe in adding ice to a drink like Johnnie Walker Blue because it distorts the flavor of the whiskey. Some may like to add ice, but you will be disturbing the flavor of such a beautiful whiskey.  I am not saying you cannot mix it. You can, but if you want to mix, you can do what is call a “highball”. Fill a tall glass with lots of ice, two shot glasses of scotch, a mixer of your choice, and garnish with lemon, lime or orange and enjoy. There are really no rules, just preference.  It depends on what you enjoy, I just prefer mine neat.  One thing about whiskey is that it can be enjoyed in so many ways. So, whether you want it sweet, spicy, sour, or bitter, you make that choice.  Whiskey is what you make it for your style and taste.  A good tasting cigar paired with a good tasting whiskey is like music to my ears when I am in the mood for a good relaxing moment.   Fellas and ladies who enjoy a good smoke and a good tasting whiskey, I’m sure you can appreciate my groove…. Ladies and Gents, enjoy your smoke with a smooth whiskey and tell them, lifestyle is a state of mind of endless pleasures.

I don't own the rights to this music playing, please enjoy.

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