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04 Dec

When I am smoking a stogie, I love to listen to the coolest music...  I don't own the rights to this music or video but imagine sitting back, chilling and lighting up one... This song is dedicated to all my cigar lovers all around the globe. (See Below)

There are more women than men I encounter that say negative things about smoking cigars. Even though there has been an increase of women enjoying the leaf. To that I say, to each his own. I have no explanation for this because I'm grown and do as I please. If you do not indulge then okay, that's you. I have a couple of people close to me who have passed from the effects of smoking cigarettes, but I never met anyone who has passed from smoking cigars. Life is Life and we all must leave this earth one way or another. I like what I like, and I owe no explaining about my stogie, cigar, stick, or whatever I call them. I don't owe anyone anything about how I smoke, what I smoke, or not smoke. You do you and I'll do me. I write on my blog things I am passionate about. It might be about cigars or it might about people that don't share the same opinions or ideas as my own. I am going to light up my stogie, stick, or cigar and keep puffin and doing the dam thang…. If your not with that it's cool. When I am hanging with my favorite friends, we talk lady talk all while we are enjoying a good smoke. Life may be boring for some folks and they may come with negative thoughts and jib jabs. However, cigars are my thang and I enjoy it and that's that. Cigars come in a variety of sizes and even larger variety of bouquets and flavors. To all my  Brothers of the Leaf (BOTL) and Sisters of the Leaf (SOTL), whatever your pleasure, keep reaping and do you...

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