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05 Feb

Is there any truth in An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away? When I was little, I heard that phrase, but never knew why that phrase was said. Well, I love juicy red and golden apples. I buy them all the time and love eating apples. Apples are part of my dessert, and I love applesauce. Researchers and Scholars have said that apples promote health in many ways that are inconceivable. “Did you know that apples promote weight loss”? Losing weight is not that difficult, if you really watch what you eat. Of course, you need a little exercise to help you burn some calories. If you eat fruits. I consume apples because I love them since childhood, and they have unimaginable health benefits. Apples are considered low energy fruits because they contain less calories than other fruits. Not to mention they are loaded with fiber. If you eat apples, you will be surprise how you will not crave food throughout the day when you might normally snack. I really did not know much about apples, and never thought about them. I just know I always liked a new juicy red apple. There was always a reason to our moms packing apples in our lunch bags during grade school. “Was it something they knew”, - that would keep us from wanting to eat candy all day long? No wonder I was called “skinny mini, and other names because those apples kept the weight off besides other fruits we consumed. I used to take the skin off the apples but now I don’t because believe or not, the skin is where all the nutrients are. The skin of the apples has nutrients that are good for your skin it is a great beauty enhancer. When I cut my apple and leave sitting for a few minutes, they turn brown. There are no preservatives in apples, so if you don’t eat right away, they will turn brown. If you want to preserve your apples if you are not going to eat them right away, you can cover them with lemon or pineapple juice. The acid in the juice slows down the browning process. If you want to go even further, you can add some caramel, honey which will block the oxygen that makes them turn brown. If you like apples like I do, here is some information for you. Apples Apples Good for your Soul, Apples Apples, I like eating them cold. Enjoy those apples….

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