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28 Nov

                            This blog is dedicated to my nephew Archie.  

Autism is characterized as a wide range of conditions that are referred to as challenges with social skills, repeat behavior, speech impediment and non-verbal communication.   The Center for Disease Control states that autism effects 1 to 54 children in America.   Autism is not defined by just one specific circumstance but is impacted by various hereditary and environmental situations.  Autism is a range of disorders, which vary in everyone, and each person has a diverse set of strengths and challenges.   Each person with autism can have different ranges from highly intelligent to severely challenged.  Some individuals with autism must have significant day to day support, while other may need less support, and in some cases live independently. There are various facts that might impact the development of autism, such as sensory sensitivities, medical problems such gastrointestinal disorders, sleep problems, anxiety, depression or focus issues.  Researchers have stated that early discovery of Autism leads to optimistic outcomes in life for individuals for people with autism.  

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