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16 Jun

I was at my mammogram appointment and was quite shocked when I overheard two African American women talking about not having a mammogram in 4 years?  I mean I hear things, but I was stunned at the conversations of these two women.  Oh, I know we have been in a pandemic for the year of 2020, and we could not have the mammograms we needed and had to wait for 2021.  As I sat there listening to their views about mammograms, like how painful it is. Fact: Women must endure a lot of pain and discomfort during this procedure. However, I rather take the pain of being uncomfortable than being faced with breast cancer. In the conversation of the two African American women, that hadn’t had a mammogram in 4 years. One woman mentioned about how she was afraid of the results. She said her breast were leaking but she figured it was her sweat glands. Having called her doctor, she was told to immediately get a mammogram. She said she had no time to go see about the breast. I was astonished, because if that had been me, I would have FLOWN to the doctor immediately.  I did not voice any opinion however, I just listened as she continue with her excuses of not getting her mammogram.  My ears were burning from this conversation.  The way she talked was matter of fact that I cringed at the thought.  I could tell by her conversation she did not take breast cancer seriously.  Ladies, breast cancer is the real deal.  I know back when I was 40, I was faced with the result of my breast scan and had to get a biopsy to see if I had breast cancer.  It was scary waiting for the results and the thought of what might happen was an even scarier proposition. LADIES OF ANY RACE CREED OR COLOR GO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS. FOR MY PEOPLE, AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN, THIS ESPECIALLY GOES OUT TO YOU. Black women have the highest rate of breast cancer than all racial ethnic groups and 41% higher rate of death than white women. (African American Breast Alliance for more info) GO CHECK ON YOUR BREAST FOR YOUR HEALTH……….

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