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12 Sep

I don’t know where this comes from, but I am an old movies buff.  I love to lay in my bed on a rainy day and watch old movie classics.  I start from the 1940’s and move up to the early 60’s.  There is something about the story lines that intrigue me.  I love to see the styles clothing, jewelry and hair styles of some eras and it fascinates me.  The women of that time dressed so feminine with their everyday dresses and elegant gowns.  The men also wore sharp clothing as well.  The actors and actresses portrayed characters that seemed so real that it captivates my attention.  I know there are other who may enjoy old movies but maybe not as intensely as I do. I love romance and when I see these type movies it makes me aware of my own romance and how good it feels to be loved by someone. During the height of the pandemic, I really got a chance to look at many different old movies, some of which I had never seen.  I love the leading men of some of the older movies, like Gary Grant, Gregory Peck, Sean Connery, Robert Montgomery, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, Sidney Portier, leading ladies like, Lana Turner, Betty Davis, Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn to name a few.  I love to see women and men play their roles of romance with class and style. Unfortunately, back then there were no black actors in that era and seeing Caucasian faces was just part of the norm. They were glamorous whether they were playing villains, or soft-hearted roles, they captivated my attention. I think I was fascinated mostly by the clothing and how the clothes fit them and their style. I am old fashioned I suppose, and I love movies with substance, or it does not hold my attention.  As we moved forward to the 60’s we started to see black men and women emerge in various roles. However, the roles of black actors were stereotypical and sometimes degrading. Still, I and began to take an interest in seeing black people on the big screen. As I watched many great movies in the 60’s 70’s with my people increasingly in more prominent roles, I am still an old movie buff and can watch these movies time and time again.  Hey, here’s a few I recommend; Rebecca, North by Northwest, Marnie, leave her to Heaven, and Gaslight. You can find them on your favorite streaming service. Go ahead, curl up and have on a nice rainy day or evening with an old movie classic. Tell them lifestylebyyou.com sent you.

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