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12 Jan

Hey, we all have gone out on dates that either did not turn out so good or turned out great. So, after the bad date, you have gone ahead and deleted the person’s name and number from your phone and forget you ever knew them. Time to move on. After a good date, you go out on follow-up dates. Put your best representative of yourself forward to keep the dates going smoothly. You can have more fun laughing and getting to relax a little bit with that person. Just remember the kind a person you claimed to be on your first date might not show up a couple of dates later. What I mean by this. Don't misrepresent yourself on the first date and by the third or fourth date that person disappears.   If you start out being you, there is no need to worry about who you were as you sipped on a couple of alcohol beverages and forgot what you said. Dating is hard I know, but you should be able to vibe with this person. In other words, if you can't be you, he or she is not the person for you. I know we like to give those good impressions, especially if you are attracted to someone. However, once you get with that someone, you should be able to judge by the conversation if you want to continue with that conversation. I appreciate a man who is himself and not trying to pretend he is someone I might not see later. Don't say you are a good cook, when really all you do is buy processed food and stick it in in the microwave. Don't say you drink top shelve alcohol when you know you enjoy drinking beer. Just be who you are. If you do not know the difference between chuck steak and filet mignon don't fake it. Order the chuck if that is what you like. I have always been a strong believer of just being myself when I first encounter a man that is attracted to me or vice versa. You never know if you're going to be in a long-term relationship, so just be you. Trying to be something you are not is too much work. Always send the real you out when you start dating. If I didn't know something, and I was willing to learn, then I would learn it. I was always me and it paid off. I did not have to pretend that I am regular consumer of champagne when I really like wine. Stop acting so phony and be you. You know what you drink, what you eat, and how much you do of both. Don't order lobster, just order the normal things you eat. You can order that on another occasion. The bottom line is representing who you truly are and admit there is no question that you do on occasion burn food when you cook.

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