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08 Dec

I love men's fashion. When I see a man that is impeccably dressed it sends chills, up and down my spine. Do not ask me how, but since I was a young lady, I always had a sense of style about how I would like to see a guy dressed, especially if he was my date. To see a guy dressed to the nines, just said something about his character and his sense of how he feels about himself. I never learned anything about fashion from any man, but I would always look down at a man's shoes to tell me if I would date him and/or take him seriously. I find that when a man puts his clothing together in a certain way, there is something in their personality that gives them that sense of style. It tells me they care about themselves and takes pride in presenting well. When I was in high school, we had some cool "Kats" of Roosevelt, Long Island that dressed very well. They wore the latest styles of the era and put their clothes together well. Just seeing them walk through the halls in their classy gear was eye candy. This included our male teachers as well. I sensed the guys emulated their dads, or male teachers who during my school years were the finest men I had ever seen. The guys seemed more like mature men instead of dressed up teenagers. The male teachers were so classy. Nevertheless, i knew that i always liked to see well-dressed guys. When i started dating, I would always look at a guy’s shoes, even if he had on a casual outfit. If his shoes did not make the cut, he surely missed out on the pleasure of my company. I believe I have acquired a fashion sense and style pertaining to men by watching my male teachers, and the potential of our teenage guys. I must say that the man I married is one classy "Kat" and can put together his gear and makes me fall in love all over again. 

From his cologne down to his shoes, i just feel a sense of pride that comes over me when we are walking down the street, and people stop and stare at us. I am a clothes hound and l met a man that loves fashion as well. When I took my husband to meet the guys of Roosevelt at one of our many summer reunions in the park, he was amazed at the close bond we have in Roosevelt. One square mile of love. I told him these are the men taught me how to pick a man.

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