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02 Feb

I love dogs, especially small dogs. Dogs bring a sense of happiness and love. I grew up in a household with a variety of dogs over the years and I loved each one of them. I own a dog now, but my dog is not living with me because he is keeping my momma company in another city.  He is a pedigree, Lhasa Apso. His name is Mac, and he is as smart as a whip. He is also very spoiled.  My family gives him all the attention he needs, and I give him more when I am around.  Whenever I go home, it is like he knows I am near. When I get to the door and turn the key, and open the door he is so excited, he runs all around the house and then back to me.  I go visit him and my mom as often as I can, I can tell he misses me and knows my scent because he wants mad kisses and hugs.  He also loves my husband, always showing him love and affection. Dogs are like humans, you must treat them with care, I mean from sickness and in good health. You must give them the right type of food just like a human would enjoy.  My dog does not eat whatever you put in front of him. He likes top shelf good tasting dog food.  So, my family buys him the food he likes.  He knows what his palate likes, and he will not settle for anything less.   If you are lover of dogs, you can understand what it’s all about.  Dogs are always your best friend if you treat them right. They are loyal and loving.  Please be mindful of giving human food to your dogs.  A variety of human food can be toxic to dogs.  If your dog does not like his dog food, try several different brands until your dog is satisfied with one or more brands. I know from time to time, we give our dogs scraps, but don’t make it a habit, it is not good for them.  Love your dog, but don’t put them in danger.   

I don’t want to get off the subject of loving my dog, Mac but I want to inject this story into my story about Mac.  My dog was stolen once, and he did not have a chip in him. Thanks to some neighborhood sleuths, my dog was found.  We immediately got a chip put in him. I was happy my dog was found.  So, if you have a beloved pet, please make sure you put a chip in him. If your pet is ever lost or stolen, you will be able to find him/her.  If your dog has a chip in him, when someone finds him and attempts to claim him as their own, they will have to take the dog to a veterinarian eventually, and they will have to present paperwork of the ownership of the dog.   If they cannot provide paperwork, the vet will see if the dog has a chip. If the dog has a chip, the veterinarian will inform the person who brought the dog in for a checkup, that the dogs do not belong to them. The vet will notify the nearest animal shelter.  The animal shelter will notify the rightful owners that they have their dog.  The owners will have to provide proof of ownership and the dog will be returned to them. There are so many stray pets in the world. Please don’t let yours be the next one. Getting back to the subject of my beloved dog, I love my “Mac” very much and he will never be a stray, as long as he has a family who loves him.  We will do everything that we can do to protect him. I hope you will do the same to protect your beloved pet.

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