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13 Nov

Many times in our lives, we look at ourselves in the mirror and we don't like what we see. I know, I'm guilty of picking myself apart.  Since I've been home now because of the pandemic,  I see a lot of myself. Now I'm on this kick of trying to improve what I see in the mirror.  Sometimes, I'm pleased and other times, I just don't like my looks.  No matter what my feelings are at that time, I'm still me and I have to look at myself daily.  All I can do is take stock in myself and change the things I don't like that can be changed.

 Only you have the chance to change you.  Be Disciplined, Be Diligent, and Be Determined.  You Can Do It.  You cannot abscond from you. You are stuck with you. Like yourself, love yourself, and don't pick yourself apart. Every one of us have flaws and blemishes, this and that, "so what", that is what being human is all about, our imperfections. So when you look in the mirror again, just smile and say this is me. I will be me, and if I want to fix some things, I will. For the most part I am in love with me and the way I am.

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