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10 Nov

As women, all we have heard  is when a woman begins to age is the word menopause. "What is menopause?"  As a woman approaches her late 30's, it seems ovaries start producing less estrogen and progesterone, which is the hormone that regulates menstruation and a woman's fertility is lessen.  (Mayo Clinic, 1998-2020)  Some women do not want to admit they are beginning another chapter in their lives because they hear that word menopause.  I never thought about menopause until one hot summer day I was traveling on the subway. I was in my late 40's and suddenly my body felt like hot pokers was attacking from the inside. The train was very crowded and I had no idea what was going on with me.  I started to have a panic attack but I had to contain myself not to scream out.  As the train came to a stop, I got off the train, which was not my designated stop. I had to get control of myself. Suddenly, the hot feeling had left me, and I begin to recover, I thought to myself what the heck was this feeling?   I went to see my doctor and I was informed that I was going through pre- menopause.  As I pondered the reality of my aging self,  I asked inside myself, "do men go through menopause I wondered?"  The answer I received was "yes!" Men do experience "Menopause." It is what happens when men begin to age and the testosterone levels are a hormone in their testes. Testosterone not only to feed the male sex drive, but in puberty it helps fuel mental and physical energy.  Testosterone also helps keep muscle mass strong as well as other changes in the body.  Not all men have male menopause because all men are different. Some men may experience a complete shutdown of sexual desire while others have low hormone levels that will affect sexual performance.  WebMD (n.d), pointed out that testosterone helps control emotions. If a man's testosterone levels are lower, he might experience depression, anxiety, loss of interest, irritable and other moody behavior.   Some men choose not to admit that they are experiencing these type symptoms, but the fact remains that men can go through hormone changes just like women.  Males, if you are experiencing unexplained symptoms such as these, visit your doctor and see about your testosterone levels. Mostly, there is a difference in what men go through and what women go through because men do not have children, but as far as hormones, goes, women lose estrogen and go through hot flashes, and men lose testosterone.

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