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15 Jun

Our children represent the future generation that will influence the world, so their safety is vital. Their safety does not just denote shielding them from crime and criminals such as child molesters, kidnappers, rapist, street and gang violence and other circumstances in which they might be injured. The youth today need to be safeguarded of learning bad eating habits, such as eating fast food on regular is bad for their health. Youth need to be given knowledge about how to eat nutritious food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Childhood obesity has significantly increased in recent years. Big industry contributes to swaying children to eat unhealthy food which packs on weight because of the high calories. This campaign of unhealthy food advertising poses threats to youth and the future of this country. If there are not enough people trying to help our children change their eating habits to promote healthy eating habits, there will no children of tomorrow. Youth are very vital to this society. They will be future leaders, doctors, teachers, lawmakers, etc. Childhood obesity is a big problem, and it must be addressed through advocacy and working together to protect children from further harm.

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