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18 Aug

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, “I love fashion.”  Whenever I am wearing a favorite outfit whether to a formal affair or casual gathering, I love to wear an outfit that makes me feel good.  Honestly, I think I get that fashion sense from my parents. They were both clothes hounds.  My mom always had a sense of style and I know I picked up those habits from her. and I understood what fashion was about.  I was very young when my dad passed away, but I was told he was a sharp dresser, and he always wore sharp hats and well-tailored suits. Looking at myself, I’m more of a classic style dresser than a fad dresser.  I love linens, gabardine, nice silks, and cotton.  I love hats, just have to search for the right hat that frames my small face.  I believe when you are dressed in what compliments you, you feel uplifted, positive, and happy.  I take pride in how I look, and I always try to maintain a sense of style.  I am not big on very light colors except for white.  I love white, especially on hot sunny days.  White keeps you cooler and it makes my skin glow in my opinion.  I love when there is a party and you are required to wear white, I just love it.  I like to dress nice from my head to my toes. In addition, I make sure I look myself over in the mirror before I step out and about.  I believe a classic dress, a sharp suit, or a smart looking coat never goes out of style. I feel it’s a good investment if you are willing to invest a little extra cash in buying good clothing that will last for years to come.  Fashion changes, but not to the point that you must change your entire wardrobe.  You can make fashion work at any time.  It all depends on how you wear your clothes.  Classic styles will always be around, and I will always dress in that classic look.

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