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06 Mar

I am strong believer that you are what you eat and if you are constantly putting unhealthy foods into your body, it will tell on you later. I have taken charge of my health by listening to my body and fueling it with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to keep me healthy and strong.  If you are not taking stock in keeping your body fueled with fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods, your body will tell you and show you.  Recently, I was feeling rundown, weak, and out of sort.  I could not figure out what was causing all the weakness, numbness, tingling, and headaches I was experiencing.  I attributed it to my being a caretaker for my spouse during his current illness and running myself out of energy.  It seemed day by day was I beginning to feel numbness, tingling, burning sensations in my legs and arms.  Well after two weeks with this feeling, I visited my physician   who had blood work taken to check my vitamin levels.  Well, what do you know? My Vitamin D level was below the average.  Many of us take vitamins for granted especially Vitamin D.  Researchers state that Vitamin D is both a nutrient and a hormone that we produce in our bodies.  If you are in the sun the UV rays from the sun hit the skin and give your body Vitamin D.  Did you know that Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption, which is vital for healthy bones and muscles?   Vitamin D can reduce inflammation in the body and support a healthy immune system. I have been in the house without sun, and it has zapped my body of that necessary nutrient/hormone.  Of course, It depends on where you live, and I don’t live in a region where it is sun drenched especially this time of season.  Vitamin D is what your body needs when you are not getting enough sunlight.  When my doctor said I was depleted of vitamin D, I was not surprised because I am guilty of not taking vitamins on a regular basis. My body surely let me know it was not feeling well.   If you don’t take Vitamin D, you should really start taking them, I had no idea what harm I was causing my body from not taking these taken for granted supplements.  I am now at a higher prescribed dose to heighten my levels as quickly as possible.   I have learned something about myself and supplements. While I have big bottle of Vitamin D3 in my medicine cabinet, my focus was on my husband’s health and not my own and it landed me feeling quite exhausted. Folks, if you don’t take vitamin D, you should think about your health and do some research on Vitamin D.   This Vitamin is essential for a good feeling body.  I am feeling better as the days go by and really thinking about my body’s immune system.  There are foods such as fatty fish, salmon, canned tuna, egg yolks, mushrooms, and others that contain vitamin D, but they alone cannot supply our bodies with enough Vitamin D.  I bring you this bit of information for your health and well-being.  Vitamins are vital for your life, so start investing more into your health because your body needs it.  

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