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01 Apr

I am a nature buff.  I love watching animals in their habitat.  I would always watch history shows as a teenager, and now as adult I still like nature.  I love beautiful flowers, birds, greenery, and the ocean.  One day as I was cleaning out one of my handbags, something dropped out and I looked down and this red and black polka dot bug fell out of my bag.  She was the biggest one I had ever seen.  She was so beautiful to me and I wondered how she got so big.  I wished I had my phone; I would have snapped a picture.   I wonder if you know what I’m referring to…Well I am talking about the LADY BUG.  I have always been fascinated by the ladybug. I guess my curiosity lies in the red back and black dots. I always thought there is something to this little bug that amazes me when I see it. The Beetle is one I am not afraid of. when I see her, and she crawls around, I just let her be.  Debbie Hadley (2016) tells of an old story told by farmers in the middle ages. The farmers were having trouble growing their crops because of the type of insects would come and destroy their harvest before it could grow. It was said the farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary and amazingly the ladybug appeared and saved the crops from being destroyed. After the invading insects were destroyed, the farmers called the bug “beetle of our lady.” Overtime it was shortened to “lady beetle” and “ladybug.”  The lady bug’s bright color cautions marauders to stay away. It is said over a lifetime ladybug may devour as many as 5,000 bugs and insects.  You may see ladybugs in your home in the winter because they look for warm places to hibernate. If you see one, don't kill them just let them be, they find a crack, and you won't see them anymore. I have one on the dashboard of my vehicle; her name is Lucy. It’s been said that Lady Bugs are a sign of good fortune, so if one lands on you don't be scared, she is there to bring you happiness…

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