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21 Dec

I am here to tell you this. If you just started out in a relationship and you are having a difficult time, then chances are you are not the main course in the relationship.  If a person is not trying to be with you, then understand why. There are many tell tales signs, that you are in a booty call relationship. Here are a few red flags; You are not meeting friends, family, or anybody intimate to your partner. You are a late-night date not to be seen or heard of. Then you are an undercover, off the scene, booty call.  I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but the truth is the truth. Don’t act coy, you know the deal, and you know when it doesn’t feel right.  Now there are some people that do not mind being a late-night/booty call because they are not looking to be in an exclusive relationship.  If that is what you’re into, then have at it.  If you have your head in the clouds and think he/she calls you late at night because they miss you, please understand that their person is either working all night or live in another city and they need the natural human thing (sex).  Understand and recognize the signs. If you are not receiving consistent calls, and being asked out on public dates, then chances are you are the late-night call. Ok if you think you are in a relationship, better take off the blinders.  Sit down and think about the nature of your relationship.  Does he/she call you on a regular basis? Does he/she he come over during dinner time or take you out to dinner? Do you plan events together? Do you know who his/her friends are?  If this is not the criteria, you are a late-night call. If you are willing and understand the role of your relationship, then the better off you are in your mind.  If you feel you have the potential for a real relationship, but your partner does not reciprocate those same feelings, it is basically a lost cause. Chances are, they have someone already.  If you understand your boundaries, then continue if you care to.   Just remember that what is done is darkness can sometimes come to light.  Understand and recognize what role you play in the relationship.  If you feel that you can be the main course, then you should.  Before you drink hot tea, just know you can be scorched.  Do not act like you don’t know, because you do.  As much of do not like to admit it, we have at one point or another, been the late-night call simply because we wanted to be with that person, and it did not matter how we got the company. So, if things are not panning out the way you think they should be, then if you look inside your soul. You know the deal. You probably are a late-night call.

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