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29 Dec

We all have family, and having a family is not free of dilemmas, discord, problems, issues, and much more. Unfortunately for some families there is ongoing strife that has never been resolved. You know we all have agreed to disagree, and it might have led to family members not speaking to one another again or taking sides. We are only human and we as humans are far from the perfection. There have been many blows in our family unit that has caused hardship that seems to have no resolution. There is resentment and I will go as far as using the word hate. "Yes I said hate!" There are some family units that have huge disharmony, resentment, and non-communication. In various families there is sibling rivalry, and other family problems. I don't like to hear the word hate in families but unfortunately there is evil, envy and jealousy within some families. Everyone has some sort of dissonance and underlying problems within their family unit. Families are all we have in retrospect because that is where our blood line is and who we are. Our demeanor or disposition come from our family tree. Have you ever had a member say "your character is just like Aunt or Uncle so-n-so”. Well, rightly so. Because it is our lineage that make us who we are destine to become. Then you might have a family that consist of half siblings who have a different mother or father, but still are part of the family line regardless. But some families are not able to distinguish who is family and so forth. But let me tell you this. Life is short, why don't you move on and get along with your family. You can't change the past, but you can change the future. Is it that bad that you can't salvage it?  Move on and let it go. Family is all we got. Family is what we have when, when have no one else. Why are you holding on to crap? Seriously, look at what we lost in 2020, losing our loved ones. The thing we took for granted is that we would always be able to see them when we wanted.  Did you ever think that you would not be able to see your family before they passed on? This is what happened to many families in 2020. If you have not learned anything else from this pandemic, is that you missed seeing your "peeps." Even if you had discord, but at least  you knew they were there. Now, some of us may have lost loved ones, and not had the chance to say goodbye, to makeup, to mend ways, nada, nothing. Come on people! Let it go, love your family, there is no reason to still be holding on to things in the past. Talk about straightening it out and move on, for real.

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