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18 Aug

I am believer that men and women can be sexy and handsome. If you take care of yourself, you can age like fine wine. I am always stressing that eating things that keep your body healthy and striving is way to maintain your life and health.  I don’t care if you eat a big helping of macaroni and cheese, pizza, hamburgers, French fries, ice cream, cookies, and cake but please do all of this in moderation.  I have not talked about the main idea of my blog in a while, but your lifestyle depends upon you. You can’t expect to continuously eat these comfort foods and think that you won’t develop some clogged arteries, diabetes, obesity, kidney problems, etc. These types of foods should be eaten in the capacity of a barbeque, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and/or special occasions. If you make a habit of eating like this daily, your body is going to talk to you. I know I am guilty of eating what I want and how I want, but my body tells me if I’ve gained some weight because I start to feel uncomfortable and sluggish.  I am also guilty of not doing my exercises on a continuous flow, but I do stretch every day to maintain some flexibility in my joints and overall body. The summer is here, and I know the foodies out there are going to do their thang and grill, fry and you use a lot of grease to deep fry the fish, chicken, turkey, etc. When it’s hot, you want to keep hydrated and eat foods that are light, so you won’t feel like an overstuffed turkey while sweating and digesting food. I don’t know about you, but I eat very light during summer months because I don’t want to feel sleepy at a picnic while the sun is beaming, and you feel like sleeping off all the food you consumed in the hot sun. Eat a lot of fruit, drink a lot of water, and eat as light as you can especially on extremely hot days.  Your heart, kidneys and other vital organs must work harder. Try to have a healthy summer and listen to your body. Do all the right things to keep your body healthy.  My motto is “Health is what matters above all the rest.”  Without that, nothing really matters because you will have setbacks without it. So please maintain your health by eating and drinking (alcohol) in moderation.  Yes, the summer is here and it’s time for all the good stuff including the hot weather, fun and all that jazz. Just don’t overindulge and make yourself regret it later.  I cannot stress enough to drink plenty of water. If you don’t like straight up water, throw some blueberries, strawberries, pineapples in your water bottle and drink up. Try eating more leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, kale, collard greens or cabbage. You need those vegetables to keep your body moving in the right direction.  These are my tips for the most wonderful summer…

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