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31 Dec

As I come to the close of another year, I am so blessed to have made it through the Grace of God. I don’t take anything for granted and nor do I think I am doing anything on my own.  I know it is through God’s Grace and mercy.  He is giving me the strength and the power to keep forging forward.  I don’t have any New Year resolutions because I know each day there is an opportunity to continue to grow.  Yes, we all know what the last couple of years have been like, but we must continue to be strong, patient and love yourself.  No one on this earth is perfect but we all can do better in our hearts as we treat people with respect and kindness that we all want.  With each year you can find a new strength in yourself, a new belief, a new willingness to forgive, and be open minded to all possibilities of life. Life is a real challenge, and challenges are a part of life.  We have had some sad times recently, but you must realize that life is not always Peaches and Cream, and Rocky Roads are always in our mist.  Every day is a new dawn and a new horizon to behold and see. Breath a new fresh air, restore your soul, meditate your inner you.  I have learned so much about myself these past couple of years, and it has taught me that everyday life is new and there is always room to expand your mind. Never let anyone dictate your capabilities.  You are capable of the opportunities you allow yourself.  Take this New Year and welcome it with open arms.  Leave the previous year behind. You will never see it again.  There is always a new sun and a new rain. You can balance the sun and the rain.  Think of life this way, there will be sunshine and sometimes rain, but you balance them both. You can wear a rainhat or sunhat. That is the balance of life.  Happy New Year to my family and friends. May God continue to bless you all in this coming year.

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