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05 Nov

Whenever I use to think of Arthritis, I thought of older people having pain that was imaginary or they were getting irritable in their aging process complaining of aches and pains. It was not until I saw first hand and  been in the face of arthritis. I saw the pain of it all with my own eyes.  My husband was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. "What is meant by autoimmune"? Researchers at the Arthritis Foundation state that arthritis  attacks healthy joint tissues and the deterioration of the joints and organs.  Let me break it down in laymen terms. Your body has an overabundance of inflammation that cannot be broken down on its own. The white blood cells in our body keep it free of infections. When the body gets an infection, our white blood cells become elevated to block the invading organism.  With Arthritis, the inflammation attacks the healthy joint tissues and breaks them down and damages the bone and tissue.  If you have too much acid in your body, it becomes painful and not allowing the tissues to be clean and free of the acid.   

Most Rheumatoid Arthritis physicians tell their patients to stay away from foods that cause a large amount of inflammation in the body.   Rheumatoid Arthritis affects millions of people in the United States.  Studies show that women are more affected than men because females tend to eat higher levels of foods with high lactose ingredients. Rheumatoid Arthritis is painful and especially when the person with the ailment is in an arthritic crisis. That's  when the joints become swollen, and they cannot move without pain. Being married to someone who has this disease is no joke, because there is nothing that they can do but let their crisis occur. In the meantime, they can take medication to ease the crisis and the pain. In addition, taking hot baths or showers helps to loosen up the joints.  " I recommend soaking in the bathtub and using my "Heli CBD infused Epsom Salt Soak and Massage Melt. " https://www.pureromance.com/JeanetteCepeda  

I found this product helped my husband ease his suffering.

Foods that should be avoided to all arthritis sufferers are ice cream, yogurt, milk, cheese, tomatoes, caffeine, and sugar of all forms, even honey.  Get sugar subs instead.   Foods to eat are: Avocado, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, dark green leafy vegetables and more.  For more arthritis information go to the Arthritis Foundation.     

God bless you all, Arthritis Sufferers. I can only imagine the pain, but I am a caretaker of my spouse when he is having pain. "Be Well" 

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