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25 Nov

Our bodies are the machine that drives our lives. We must treat them like cars that break down and need repairs. Some of us are prescribed various medications to sustain our health, while others use a combination of natural remedies to take care of our ailments, disease, or conditions. I believe in natural ways as well as doctor prescribed medicines. Let me hip you to something that I discovered most do not even know. Did you know there are plants in your backyard that are good for you? You see these plants growing in the tons, but you do not pay them any attention. There is a plant called "Yarrow." It looks like a flower that we take for granted, but it has a great benefit to us. According to Nicole Apelian, Ph.D. the yarrow plant has been used to aid in the stopping of wound bleeding or to reduce heavy menstrual flow, and pain. It also has been used with stomach problems, high blood pressure, improve circulation and varicose veins. "I spent several years learning how to live in and sustain life with bushmen in nature," said Apelian. She had an unexpected diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and embarked on a journey to find a Pain natural remedy that could help her with her disease. There are many unknow natural remedies, we never knew existed. Yes, we all need medicine, but sometimes we have natural remedies right under our nose. 

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