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18 Aug

I hate and I mean hate to be involved in discord and dysfunction. It seems that some people need strife, discord, drama and other negative energy in their lives. It seems like if there is no drama, then there is no functioning as a family unit in happiness and forgiveness. I find that being optimistic can help you get rid of stress, eat healthier, and become more physically active. This can greatly reduce your risk of chronic diseases. I know that by changing various outlooks on your life, it can help you feel and look better. Some researchers have conducted a study to take a look at people's outlook on life and how it affected their longevity. In a report in 2016 in the British Medical Journal 10,000 middle aged men and women were studied in the England Longitudinal of aging between 2002 thru 2013. The volunteers were asked three times 4 different questions that showed how they viewed their outlook on life. According to the survey, it was reported by those involved with the study that they were happy of the highest satisfaction scale and reportedly less likely to have a higher mortality rate than those who reported no enjoyment. It seems that the longer people have positivity in their lives, the more likely to take care of themselves and live a full and productive life. I feel that the more positive you remain, the better life you can live. When people remain bitter, angry, depressed, disconnected, etc., they remain stressful because they will not take the time to sit down and get rid of the negative energy that surrounds their wellbeing. Please don't get me wrong because we all go through something and we all will encounter stresses and other negative things. However, you must not stay in this atmosphere, you have to fix it and move on. Love thy self always, and never let anyone or anything stress you out. I believe if we take deep breaths and relax our body via meditation on yourself, you will discover the inner you. Relieve yourself of negative energy and focus on the positive forces within you.

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