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12 Aug

In all relationships, there are going to be problems.  Nothing is set in stone, and you will have difficulties in certain instances in your relationships. 

  • Sibling rivalry - my definition, is when one sibling is jealous of another. There is a resentment that has never been bought to the surface and bitterness is a constant.  These siblings might go years without any communication or family time. In result keeping themselves distant from the rest of the clan.
  • Girlfriend problems - my definition is when girlfriends go around situations and never discuss what the real problems are plaguing their bond.  They like one another but one of them is lacking   genuine feelings and the other thinks they are right most of the time.  In addition, there is underlying competitiveness. One thinks she is smarter than the other, the other thinks they are more attractive and have better qualities and just an overall the better girlfriend.
  • Couples - my definition is when couples are together, they touch the surface of their relationship but not the bread and butter of the relationship.  a) They are afraid to confront their partner when there is a problem. They allow a situation to manifest until it becomes too difficult to deal with.  They are going through the motions but not really liking one another but stay together   because living together is far more comfortable with the way things are living day by day. b) One of them doesn’t want to make waves that will cause a breakup or push buttons that will make the other angry. They are just co-existing without any real goals. c) They are together for the sake of the child or children.
  • Marriage – my definition is when two people make a lifetime commitment of love, respect, and the things that are to come.  To understand that you are not just marrying your partner, but you are part of a family unit, and you are willing to be part of that family unit.  Marriage is about being able to compromise and be vulnerable to all the possibilities that can take place in this institution. Including of the raising and providing for a family.
  • Guy problems – my definition is that men don’t come outright and express their feelings as quick as a female, but they do get angry, and express envy at their male friends. They even feel jealous.  Men, however, tend to convert their feelings into other areas or experience such as physicality. Men are not outwardly emotional and tend to bury or compartmentalize their feelings much deeper than women.  When men have guy friendship problems, they pretend to not be bothered and use their masculinity to mask what they really feel.

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