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14 Mar

Sex is taken for granted, but sex is a natural part of life and we all need it.  It is the thing we need to keep our bodies supple and healthy.  When our bodies lack having sex, we can become agitated, frustrated, and downright angry. We are not realizing that a decreased amount of sex is what is making us feel uneasy. Our bodies secrete a sex hormone known as Oxytocin. If we don’t release this hormone occasionally oh boy, do we suffer.  If you don’t have sex it can lead to various health issues like depression, loneliness, and lack of intimacy starvation.  Some women act prudish when it comes to talking about sex in adult conversations.  It is okay if you don’t want to reveal your sex habits. That is your right to privacy. However, I am just saying that the lack of sex can be damaging.  Speak to your GYN or men, your Urologist if you are having problems with sex drive.  You can also speak to a representative that specializes in sex education who can help you with self-intimacy. Being prudent about sex is bad for your health. You need to release that hormone because it is the natural thing to do. I did research by speaking with various women about how they feel about sex. I was surprised by the lack of knowledge when it comes to their thinking about sex and whether it was healthy. Some were not open about talking and other women who were open stated they did not seem to care if they had sex. I asked them did they think sex was healthy? Surprisingly, they said they did not think about sex being healthy but just part of life. They said things like, “girl I don’t care about that anymore,” or “girl I don’t think about it anymore.” When women and men age, we may not require as much sex as when we were younger, but having sex is needed. Even if you are not having sex marathons, you need to have sex as part of your health management.  Let that pent up emotion go and feel better by releasing all that Oxytocin in your body.  Don’t be ashamed if you are single and don’t have a steady partner. There are plenty of sexual products available to help you release those tensions.  I am no sex expert, but I ask questions when I see my gyn and I have conducted research and have found valuable information about aging and sex.  If you are interested in more details about aging and sex you can email me at jwillow430@gmail.com  I would love to help. I have products that can help.  

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