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15 Nov

This blog is especially dedicated to all the healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, scientist, nursing assistants, and everyone included in this great field. If it were not for you, we would lose this fight against a deadly virus that is now ravaging the entire world. We send our heartfelt thanks to you for being courageous, strong, showing patience, endurance and so much more. We at Healthy Mind and Body Lifestyle understand the stresses that we all have been under and we must do our best to remain as strong as we can during this turbulent time. It is so hard, so straining, so mentally challenging, and much more. We can do it, we just need to hold on a little longer. 

I know it is easier said that done, but we must all do our best. I understand that many of you want to exercise your right to be free and not follow the mandates set forward by the CDC. Please understand that is this real, this is so real. We should not spoil ourselves now and live in a world of make believe, we are here in a pandemic. Many of us have lost our loved ones due to this deadly virus. We must follow the guidelines of the scientist such as social distancing, washing our hands, keeping ourselves and loved ones safe. Masking it up is a small task compared to having to continue to see lives lost. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND DON'T BE DEFIANT, this virus does not discriminate. Think about your loved ones if not yourself. It is important for all of our lives.

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