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15 Dec

She is classy, jazzy, romantic, smooth, sleek all by herself. She makes a statement when she walks into the room. She is elegant, presents like caviar, she's got swag. Everyone knows how she flows as she sashays across the room. She gets stares, glares and is tantalizing to the eyes. She does with the help of one thing, every women’s secret weapon. She is the staple for all women. She comes through in a pinch. A sight for sore eyes.  She is hot, she is delectably fierce.  She is not to be denied.  She comes in all sizes different characters or desires, cocktail, grown, strapless, and more.  She is always the center of attention.  She's a statement to herself and be careful how you wear her, she might bring the magic of excitement. The allure of enticement.   

The Black Dress. Have you got yours?

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