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16 Dec

Stockings hanging above the fireplace, the warmth of pumpkin spice tea or hot chocolate, a slice of warm apple pie…the signs of Christmas time.  Having loved ones near and thinking of them if they are far. Warm decorations, whether a Christmas tree or Christmas garland, and jingle bells like old times when you thought Santa was real. As we venture into the new holiday season, we want the absolute best for each of our friends and family. For some people, the true meaning of Christmas has much to do with religious beliefs. Christmas is a busy season. Streets are full of busy and excited shoppers and stores are just as busy with shoppers making last minute purchases. People are traveling down the roads and highways where they can hear Christmas carols, decorative lights, and festive decorations. Airports are bustling with excitement with all the travelers going away for the holiday. During these holidays Bob and I are reminded of how blessed we are to have met so many warm and beautiful people and have made so many friends and some are like family. We wish you all a joyful holiday season and for those whose loved ones have passed on, we keep them forever in your memories and hearts and know they shall forever remain near in our spirits. During this time, we know that most of you will be traveling to see loved ones. Please, whether you are driving or flying be safe and be careful. It is so wonderful to be with family at this time of the year. Many of us will give and receive gifts but let us not forget that we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, which is the GREATEST GIFT OF ALL FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, BOB AND JEANETTE CEPEDA

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