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15 Sep

The corona virus has all in a state of depression and not being able to feel normal. We have been constantly thinking about our containment, confinement, restrictions, cautions, etc... It has taken a toll on our mental wellbeing, and we feel there is no way to feel contentment and normalcy. Everyone has a different way of relaxing and relieving mental tension and anxiety. So, I am not telling you how to relax, but I will tell what you can do to relax if you don't mind.

Quiet thoughts can relieve your tension. Go to the patio or backyard, close your eyes, and listen to some soft soothing music. If not, just shut your eyes, and listen to your most inner thoughts and meditate. Let your mind travel to a faraway place and relax on smooth warm sand and listen to the ocean breeze. 2. Put on soft music, think about your good times, smile at these thoughts, and relax. 3. Light a scented candle and sit on your cozy couch or comfortable chair, put your feet up and relax. No noise, no interference just you and yourself. Take a deep breath and continue to relax. 4. Go for a nature walk around your house or block, just give yourself a little exercise and then relax. Take a moment to yourself at least once a week and relax.

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