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03 Dec

I love cooking and creating my own unique dishes.  It’s winter and I enjoy meals that stick to your stomach on a cold winter’s day.  I found culinary skills and whipped up some great dishes.  I got in touch with my culinary self and discovered that I am a whiz at cooking.  I don’t follow recipes that often. I love to add my own ingredients. I tell you I’m surprised at how great my meals taste.  I don’t really have a specialty. However, I could have specialties because I can cook just about anything.  Everyone has their own cooking style and I know they enjoy their cooking. However, there are those who aren’t aware that I have catered parties and/or events using my own food. When I’ve had company, my guest would never think that I can cook enough to be able to cater parties, but I certainly can.  I love that fact that my husband is also a good cook, and he makes his traditional foods of Puerto Rico and great homemade Sofrito which is seasoning that goes into all dishes and heightens up the flavor of every dish.  Tis the season everyone, enjoy the holidays. Here’s my dish from the pot to the dish.  Happy Holidays to you.

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