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19 Apr

Have you been bothered by others trying to judge you for the decisions you make or do not make?  If you have, then, please ignore them. Do what grown folks do and that is making decisions about your own life.   I have recently been in a one-sided argument with an individual concerning my taking the COVID vaccine.  This person’s thinking has been influenced by conspiracy notions and theories. The assumption that anyone taking the vaccine will be part of a government deception trying to reduce the country or the world population. Others feel that the vaccine will ultimately turn those who participate into zombies. The influence of Sci-fi media. The Corona virus is nothing new, this virus is deadly and vicious.  The CDC Scientist have always had a vaccine for corona virus but had to speed up the process and make it more potent to fight against the current strain and strains of variants that are spreading worldwide.  Thank God we have infectious disease experts that understand viruses and are working every day to learn more about this strain of corona virus.

  • I understand the fear of this vaccine since it seems that it was rushed. However, formulas for the vaccines are nothing new. Scientist have always been working on a variety of vaccines for various diseases that plague this world. All administrations are faced with the constant reality of a doomsday occurrence. I know many of us of African American decent are especially skeptical and cautious because of historical situations.
  • It is your right to have skepticisms about things we are not familiar with.   All vaccines have been tested in the labs and then with animals. This is before humans are set up for test trials to see the effects of the medication. This is nothing new. This is how scientist discover what the side effects are if any.  Unfortunately, there will be some people who will suffer a negative reaction to the vaccine. However, that percentage is low in comparison to the entire population. To all the conspiracy theorists about the vaccine, I want to be safe and protect others in my mist.
  • Anyway, moving on, I have had my vaccinations and I feel good about getting them.  I will still follow precautions until a time that we can feel safe to resume life without masks.  Our life will never be normal because there is always going to be threats of diseases, and other natural things that we have no control over. The FDA has approved all these vaccines for emergency use because so many people have succumbed to the virus.  If you are bothered by negativity surrounding these vaccinations, just tell them to do them and you do you.  Don’t entertain the question on why you took the vaccine?
  •  It is a personal choice and before long it will be mandatory in many sectors. Might as well expect it to happen because it will. In the meantime, we must fight to let our voices be heard. To convince everyone to do the right thing to win the fight against not only the Corona Virus and the variants that follow, but the conspiracy theorist as well. We are all in this together.
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