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07 Jun

I know, in the past I’ve penned my feelings about water, and its relative importance to our bodies. I want to stress that you must drink water to keep your body hydrated, not only during this summer, but always. For those who did not see my previous blog, “Water, Water, Am I Going to Drown?” It is important that you’re reminded that as babies, our body mass is 75% water. As adults our body mass is at about 60% water.      Your brain and kidneys have the biggest percentage of water and that is about 80 and 85%.  Teeth has the lowest percentage at 10%.   Did you know when you sweat you are losing water? When you get rid of waste, you are losing water. Hydration is a must.  If you don’t drink water, your body becomes dehydrated. It also can lead to health issues because your system needs to always have water.       Think of all the living organism on the earth, that must flourish with water to survive.  “Plants”, cannot survive without being hydrated, grass cannot survive without water.  Humans cannot survive without drinking water. When you keep your body well hydrated, you look and feel better.  Your skin looks healthy, you maintain your over health, you flush your kidneys of toxins, and you keep your body balanced. I have learned over the years, that when I drink plenty of water, I’ve cut down on headaches, and I keep my body clean inside. Having lost body fat, water keeps my skin looking radiant and supple. Many of us take water for granted because there is no taste, but water is good for sustaining overall body function.  Be careful you guys in the heat this summer, it will be hot, and you need to drink plenty of water… soda is cool for all of 5 minutes, but have you notice that you need water after drinking that sweet soda?  Water is the best body nourishment to keep your body healthy, fine, and full of life.   Have a wonderful summer and remember to keep hydrated.

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