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19 Feb

I like to cook, and I must say I am a great cook.  Yes, I am beeping my own horn, “beep, beep.”   I don’t think I have ever been taken seriously as someone who can cook. Maybe because I am never asked to make a dish for a family dinner or picnics. Maybe my cooking skills are better than others and they don’t want me to have one up on them.  Whatever the story is, I don’t feel any kind of way about it because I know I can cook. Yet, I often wondered why I am never asked to make a dish.  Maybe to some, I just don’t appear to be the type to have any cooking skills. Maybe I just don’t give the impression of being the "domesticated lady."  I've also had some questionable experiences involving a dish that will taste awesomely good. Then I get the "Did you make this look." Or it won’t be believed that I even made the dish. 

It's been said "don’t judge a book by its cover," you must go inside and read the content.  You also heard of the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach."  I guess my husband was presently surprised by my culinary skills when I first cooked him a meal as his girlfriend, then graduated to fiancé and then wifey.  I must have had something right going on to become his wife. Of course, I had to learn how to season foods and I must say that I have learned to season much better. I have tried out so many different seasonings to get the right flavors that makes meat, veggies, and starches taste so good.  I am proud of how I have improved  my culinary expertise over the years.  Anytime you can get someone to eat something they are not accustomed to eating but they taste your dish and love it, you can cook. My husband loves my chicken livers and garlic dish.  He never ate them until he ran into me.  I have a certain way I prepare them, and he loves them.  When I am in the kitchen, I like to take my time and prepare my dishes.  I have specialties as we all do.  I listen to some soft jazz as I am cooking. It helps me relax and allows me to cook with pleasure.  I have all the modern conveniences in my kitchen, but I would like to say I am an still old fashion cook. I use my cast iron skillets quite a bit for just about everything. I make gravy from scratch and my own barbecue sauce. I grew up watching my mom make everything from scratch and I guess I have some innate culinary skills that come from inside of me. I have been cooking for a long time and I have survived with all the cooking.  I am so glad that my hubby enjoys my cooking, so I go the extra mile to make sure it tastes good.  He never complains.  He always tells me how delicious my meals are. After all, it's he and his stomach the most important thing I that I should concern about.  You know sometimes you want to ask the question, and this was just something I wondered about over the years, if anyone thinks I can cook?  

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