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25 Jan

We made it through the storm, and I pray the United States will recover for all the turmoil it has seen over the last 4 years.  After witnessing such a beautiful transfer of power, I felt like my heart could beat normal again. I have never felt so depressed about a country that I love be set upon in the way that we all witnessed these pass four years.  It made me feel so proud that we made it through the storms of the past.  After the dust settled, I thought about my visit to African American Museum, in Washington, DC.  I work in this city, so I had the opportunity to visit the museum.  If you haven’t done so yet, I suggest that when the corona virus is over and we feel safe to move about, go visit this museum. It is a must see for all Americans, not just black Americans. People of all races should come to see this great institution where they can learn about diversity and what African Americans have lived through. Whether you’re aware of it or not, African Americans have help shaped this nation, whether good or bad.  There are many highlights to this grand museum, but I found Harriet’s Tubman’s book of hymns quite interesting.   When I entered this beautiful establishment, I traveled from the slave ships to some of our rich history, I was so elated to see how we have evolved over the centuries. We have endured so much turmoil, heartache, and pain. It makes me feel so emotional just thinking about our ancestors and what they have been through.  I thank God each day for giving us the strength to forge forward to a new day. The empowerment to keep lifting our heads up to fight through the continuous scrutiny or our heritage.  The National Museum of African American History is the country’s major and most widespread cultural institution, which is committed to discovering, detailing with many exhibits of African American history and its influence on American and world history.  This museum was inaugurated by an Act of Congress in 2000.  This museum is 400,000 square feet and is located next to the Washington Monument. It is the apex of years of hard work to authenticate a national museum that indorses and emphasizes the influences and the roles African Americans that contributed to American culture.  Currently, the museum has gathered nearly 37,000 items and almost 170,000 people have become members.   The museum first open in September 2016 and is part of the 19 and latest museum of the Smithsonian Institution.   https://www.si.edu/unit/african-american-museum

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