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14 Jun

At this point in my life, I have no clue about the single life because I have not been single in nearly 40 years.  Relationships are part of the human existence, and we need them to sustain our lives and well-being.  Whether you are single, married, or other relationships, it is very important to have social and intimate connections.  Not all relationships are fantastic, perfect, stable, or otherwise, but it is a relationship.  Let me talk about the marriage relationship, which is the one that is most prevalent in our lives, and the most difficult one. I say it is difficult because it starts with emotions, romance, and eventually feelings of love. Then the thoughts of spending the rest of your life with someone comes into play because we are feeling blissful, happy, and excited about sharing a life together.  Have we thought about the possibilities and challenges that will come after you say, “I do?”  I do, means a promise of commitment, loyalty, honesty, and learning more about your life partner. You and your mate will face many obstacles that comes with saying “I do”.  Marriage is pretty in the church, and joyful at the reception. The real deal comes after you become husband and wife for some time.  Can you share yourself with another person day in and day out?  Before you say I do, just know you are saying, you have committed yourself to a life of happiness, disappointments, sorrows, financial woes, sickness, health and much more. To say, I do is more than a piece of paper, a license of unity, but a life of blissful potentials and undetermined challenges.   I know you hung in there waiting for the moment of vows of love with accepting your engagement ring, “what a wonderful moment”.  I don’t mean to rain on your parade but with all that waiting have you thought about the marriage relationship? One more thought, when you say I do, you are now open to all the challenges that being in love brings and can you plow through the unblissful moments?

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