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06 Nov

Let me tell you all of the nonsense I have heard over the years about being a Correction Officer.  "We are guards, we don't make no money, not a great job, blah, blah, blah."  Well to those who don't think much of the job, that's their opinion. I did it and I am not ashamed. It is a career. with good pay, great benefits and then some.  Okay, the low down is this, the jail is not an easy gig because you are supervising inmates with many types of personalities and problems. Corrections Officers have very demanding and tedious positions, the kind that require using all types of strategies to get their jobs done.  If you want to be respected while working with inmates, you must give respect as well.  Most people think that inmates do not deserve respect because they've committed crimes, but they are still human no matter what. Having this type of livelihood, you have to be fair, firm and impartial. That is the main ingredient of doing this job.  Not everyone is cut out for this type of profession but you have to respect those who do this gig. Correction Officers receive the same training as Police Officers but are often called "toy cops," or other derogatory titles.  Someone has to do the jobs and being a Correction Officer is one of them.  Correction Officers are hired to maintain order inside a jail. The county jail holds inmates for a minimum of two years. Other facilities that house inmates who will serve life sentences are known as penitentiaries, or federal prisons. There are also private prisons.  Working in prison is not easy, using strategy is what makes the job tolerable, but the salary is rewarding and it is a career occupation. Don't knock the position, because a Correction Officer supervises the guys that have committed the most heinous or minor crimes. Unfortunately, being incarcerated is what must be done to retain a criminal who has committed a crime and this is part of the criminal justice system. I have never felt that doing this type of employment was underrated, although I have been asked how I could do this job. The world is full of all types of positions and in our world we have criminals. It is the duty of Corrections Officers to supervise them when they come into our world.  

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