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09 Oct

I really never had a hard time making friends with anyone, whether male or females.  It took me a while to decipher, the true meaning of friendship.  As my life progressed, I have met so many people along the way.  Some are here to stay, while others have disappeared through life's progression.  As the years have gone by and many life changes, I still have various close friends, that I have not seen in a while but with a phone call away and social media,  I can still connect.  I have discovered a new sense of purpose and that person is beginning to show. I know I have friends and "I can also say that I am a true friend." However, there are some people who hang around and pretend to be a friend but they are just around to be nosey and messy.   

They want to see me fail, or judge your life as if they lived it.  Friendship is about being non judgmental, seeing things for what they are, giving opinions and being transparent. Don't pretend if you are having a hard time in your friendship arena.  Tell the truth about your deep down feelings, if you are a true and transparent person. Be grown enough to accept the things you cannot change. If there is a problem between so call friends, then let it be known. Don't act like you are happy when you are not, open up about all the things that you have held inside for the longest and let it go.   Yesterday is gone, tomorrow did not come, the future is the future.  Genuine friendship is built on trust, transparency, loyalty, honesty, and accepting the person for who they are with all the flaws that come with friendships.   

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