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26 Sep

The coronavirus has taught me so much about my inner self and being a couple with someone. In our lives, before the pandemic struck, we were all going about our daily lives, such as working, attending events, birthday parties, concerts, summer parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc... With all these things happening, we all take for granted, we are in relationships and never thought about the plight of our relationships.  Are we quarantining with the love of our lives? Or are we having a hard time communicating with our partners? Being with your mate daily can have it's stresses. Nothing is perfect, nothing is set in stone, nothing is always blissful.  Start communicating more with your mate, and have a listening ear, and not a shouting match. Let each one speak their piece and not interrupt even if you don't agree, you must listen. COMMUNICATION is the key to a lasting relationship. If you sit in silence, you will accomplish nothing, If you have children that are adolescents, put them to bed, and get some alone time.  Whether it hurts or not you must talk it out and talk it over. Hey, why don't you try putting some pure romance in your life.  Tips: Take a shower together, look at a silly movie, eat some popcorn, dance to a slow song, cook a meal together, feed each other some cake together, talk about how you first met and recreate love over again.  Without close ties, trying to cope with the daily stress will be even more stressful. If you love one another, it can work and will work.  I love, love and I want you to work it out.

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