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11 Sep

Before the pandemic struck, I was about to launch my own book tour of my new book entitled "Bully In The First Degree"  Bully In The First Degree, is a fiction novel about a preteen girl who has been bullied at the hands of her classmate.  


Sabrina Blackwell is a beautiful twelve-year-old girl with brown curls, smooth brown freckles on olive tone skin. She is the daughter of interracial parents, with a small built frame and a bright, winning smile. Sabrina is an attractive girl in her 7th-grade class and got along with all her classmates, even the boys. She got along with everyone, except for one girl who was very mean to her and that was Kikka Von Keppel. Sabrina could not understand why. Kikka used to be nice but now, she had changed.

Kikka Von Keppel was a girl of Austrian descent. Her parents immigrated from Austria and are hardworking people. Kikka was taller and bigger than most of the students in the 7th grade. She stood at 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighed about 160 lbs. and had large hands. She and Sabrina were once friends, but then a turn of events began to materialize, and Kikka VonKeppel became mean as a rattlesnake. Sabrina observed that Kikka started skipping school and was not seen in classes in several weeks. Her attendance was very bad, and the school administration started to investigate her home life, to find out why her attendance was bad. Even before her absence from classes, Sabrina knew there was something going on with Kikka. Sabrina noticed that Kikka started getting numerous pimples on her face and could tell she was picking at them. The blisters became black marks, which looked like scabs with puss oozing out them and the crusts looked repulsive.

Kikka’s face then became scarred with dark marks and indentations. It was at this point that the transformation from classmate to a stranger had taken place. Kikka had become the most malicious stranger that Sabrina had ever encountered in her young life. She also noticed that Kikka clothes began to look dingy, and dirty. Her clothing was also wrinkled, and she could smell an odor coming from her clothing when Kikka walked by her in one her classes. All the kids were talking about the odor and Kikka’s appearance. Kikka soon did not have any friends because of her face and the awful smell coming from her. Sabrina could see the transformation of Kikka on the days she did attend school. Sabrina began wondering, what was going on in her life that would make her change so drastically? One day when they were in gym room, Sabrina saw Kikka and she approached her with the hopes she could talk to her. As soon as Sabrina got close to Kikka, wham, Sabrina felt a slap across her face. That was the last time Sabrina approached Kikka at any time.

Sabrina tried to figure out what happen to a friend who was once kind and sweet. Kikka looked like someone strange and cold. She had an odd look about her, and the dark marks that engrossed her face and was very hard to look at, and mostly every student was talking about Kikka’s face. There was also a conversation going around in school that Kikka had to receive medical treatment or be suspended from school until they could be sure she was not carrying a contagion that could spread an infectious disease to the whole student body. Sabrina was frightened by the sight of Kikka. When Sabrina would see Kikka coming down the hall, she would duck into an empty classroom to avoid Kikka.

Over the next month, Sabrina began to be the focus of Kikka, and she had no idea why. She had a pleasant personality and was very friendly with everyone in her class. Unfortunately, Kikka VonKeppel decided that Sabrina would be the object of her outrage, anger, and jealousy. It seemed every time Sabrina would run into Kikka, either in the school hall, the gym locker room, or bathroom. Kikka would approach her with a slap on the head or a kick in the back. Sabrina, however, didn't tell anyone, not even her closest friends, who lived two blocks from her with whom she shared a close bond. On many occasions Kikka would pull Sabrina’s hair so hard; it felt like her brains would splatter upon the floor as she yelled with pain as each pull was worse than the next.

Even though we are in COVI9, I know teens and young adults are still suffering the affects of being bullied. My book is an empowering tool that will give you some insight into what it feels like to be bullied.  When you read you will find that you are not alone and that you can stand up to bullying.  Be Bullish on Bullying.

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