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28 Sep

Gaining too much weight during the COVID19 quarantine, is what I worried about the most. I keep a nutrition guide I received from my nutritionist long ago when I was concerned about how to eat to maintain my weight goals. Now, I have reused this guide and added the ideas I have learned during these difficult times. As I begin my journey to keep my health in check, I have developed skills in the kitchen that I never thought I had. I am maintaining my weight goals, along with my spouse. Since learning new things, I am feeling quite energized, and comfortable with my continued goal to keep healthy. I try to eat protein to maintain optimal health.  Protein is very essential to keep our bodies operating at a good level.  Did you know that protein is good for our tissues?  Well, yes, it is, as well fat and carbohydrates.  So, during our initial days of quarantine, I was very concerned about our health, that is my spouse and I and we decided we must maintain and keep within our healthy weight by eating foods that were packed with nutrients to sustain our overall health.   Somedays you do fall off the wagon, but it is okay, if you get back to the essentials foods that are good for our bodies and our health. 

Try this HTSPAOM sandwich without bread, it tastes so good--- Cooked ham, pepper turkey, salami, Muenster cheese, pickle slices, avocado, onion, and mustard.... "Roll and dive in... full of protein." Yummy!

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